Litigation and Collection of Receivables

Our law firm has highly qualified lawyers with many years of experience in the field of litigation. We can provide you with protection before all courts, in all types of court proceedings: administrative proceedings, administrative penal proceedings, criminal proceedings, as well as in all civil and commercial litigation. We assist you in achieving voluntary resolution of your disputes, as well as protect you in all types of arbitration and court proceedings.

Criminal proceedings

We perform:

  • consultations on all issues related to the criminal process;

  • protection in pre-trial proceedings;

  • protection in court proceedings;

  • protection of the rights of those sentenced to deprivation of liberty, etc.

Your defense in the criminal process is provided by lawyer Bogomil Yordanov.

Administrative penal process

We provide your protection at all stages of the administrative penal process, such as:

  • we provide consultations on all issues related to the administrative penal proceedings;

  • prepare objections against acts for establishing administrative violations;

  • we prepare appeals against penal decrees;

  • we defend you before the court before all instances, etc.


Your defense in the administrative penal process is carried out by the lawyers Bogomil Yordanov and Kamelia Yotova.

Voluntary settlement of disputes

We help you on a voluntary basis:

  • to collect your receivables;

  • to reschedule your obligations;

  • to reach an agreement.

Civil and commercial cases:

We provide your protection at every stage of production, such as:

  • we consult for the most appropriate actions according to your case;

  • we prepare all the necessary documents and ensure your protection before the court of all courts;

  • if necessary, we request a reference for a preliminary ruling from the Court of Justice of the European Union;

  • we protect your rights under the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms;

  • we collect your receivables and provide protection of the debtor in the enforcement process, etc.




In the arbitration proceedings we protect you by:


  • we provide consultations in connection with the arbitration proceedings;

  • we carry out procedural representation before the arbitral tribunal;

  • we provide your protection in the procedure for issuing a writ of execution on the basis of an arbitration award;

  • we provide your protection in the proceedings for recognition and admission to execution of a foreign arbitration award, etc.


Your defense in the voluntary settlement of relations, in civil and commercial disputes, as well as in arbitration proceedings, is provided by our office in a high-quality and professional manner.

Collection of receivables

We provide your protection by:

  • We help you collect your receivables on a voluntary basis;

  • we help you reschedule your obligations;

  • we provide protection of the debtor and the creditors in the order proceedings and in the proceedings for issuing a writ of execution;

  • protection in the supranational procedures of the law of the European Union for establishment and collection of private receivables - in the procedure for issuing a European order for payment; European order for attachment of bank accounts, protection in the European procedure for claims of small material interest; European Enforcement Order for uncontested claims;

  • recognition and enforcement of court decisions;

  • we provide protection of the debtor and the creditors in the enforcement process;

  • participation in a public sale;

  • appeal against the actions of the PEA;

  • we provide protection when collecting receivables in the insolvency proceedings, etc.


We approach individually and take into account the specifics of each individual case in order to offer you the most suitable solution for you and your business.