Real estate and construction

Yordanov & Yotova Law Firm has many years of experience in the procedures for the preparation of construction documents and the finalization of construction sites, as well as in the mediation of real estate transactions.


With us you can get the following specialized services:

- Researching real estate and giving legal opinions on transactions with them;

- Preparation of documents for concluding a construction contract / preliminary contract with the company-entrepreneur or with a potential buyer

- Consultations and opinions on a contract already prepared and proposed by the construction company

- Preliminary consultations and negotiations with the construction company

- Preparation of contracts for sale / for compensation

- Preparation of construction contracts with warranty clauses included

- Consultations and analysis of all construction documents (architectural projects, building permits, certificates for commissioning, etc.)

- Notarization of the transaction and representation of the buyer before a notary, including transactions with objects from the future building

- Judicial protection of claims brought by / against buyers

- If you want to get help from a good lawyer with experience in the field of construction and real estate transactions,