Capital markets

Our law firm offers legal services and consultations in connection with the primary and secondary public offering of securities, the regulation and supervision of persons, activities and transactions related to the public offering of securities, the admission of securities to trading on a regulated market, as well as the issuance and disposal of dematerialized securities; requirements for public companies and other issuers of securities.

We offer:

  • comprehensive legal services for public companies,

  • consultations in connection with the regulatory regime, the issuance of a license, the implementation of the activity and the supervision of the investment intermediaries;

  • consultations in connection with the execution of transactions with financial instruments; securities; money market instruments; shares of collective investment undertakings; options, futures, swaps, forward interest agreements and any other derivative contracts relating to securities, commodities, currencies; settlement with physical delivery or cash settlement, etc .;

  • implementation of procedural representation in appealing against administrative acts, etc.


We approach individually and take into account the specifics of each individual case in order to offer you the most suitable solution for you and your business.