Infrastructure, transport and communications

Yordanov & Yotova Law Firm provides professional legal advice, opinions, procedural and legal representation on all issues related to infrastructure, transport and communications. For example:

- Preparation of public passenger transport contracts (PSC) in accordance with REGULATION (EC) No 1370/2007 and local legislation

- Any regulatory issues and ensuring full compliance with regulatory requirements for the carriage of passengers and / or goods in Bulgaria and the European Union

- Acquisition of the necessary licenses and permits for all types of vehicles

- Any transport issues with an international element

- Preparation and amendment of general conditions for transport contracts; consultation on concluding such; assessment of compliance of general conditions with the current legislation

- Conditions regarding loading and securing of the cargo

- Participation in procedures under the Public Procurement Act / the Concessions Act in the field of transport

- Conclusion of all types of contracts in the field of transport, including contracts of carriage, contracts with a public contracting authority, framework agreements, etc.

- Liability of carriers for damages incurred during the carriage; Claims of passengers against carriers

- Regulation of damages from delay in delivery by imposing financial claims against the contracting authority

- Advising on all issues concerning the working hours and working conditions of drivers, including business trips, vacations, salary formation, etc.

- Complaints and claims for damages incurred for the sender, in complete or partial absence or damage to the cargo; in case of delay of the performed transport

- Passenger rights in case of denied access on board an aircraft or cancellation / long delay of flights

- Settlement of issues with insurance companies in connection with concluded insurances

- Legal representation before all instances or arbitral tribunals in disputes subject to the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR)

- Legal aid and appeal of administrative penal decrees and administrative violations