Intellectual Property

Yordanov & Yotova Law Firm provides professional legal advice, opinions, procedural and legal representation on any issues related to:

- Ensuring the protection of copyright and related rights, including copyright in computer programs, databases, graphics, music and other legally protected works of art or science and technology

- Providing protection of trademarks, industrial designs, inventions, utility models and domains, personal data

- Investigation of trademarks and whether they are subject to registration (registerability) at national, European and international level

- Ensuring registration and renewal of registration of trademarks and industrial designs in the Patent Office of Bulgaria, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

- Full service in cases in the field of industrial property, including representation in opposition proceedings and proceedings for cancellation of trademarks, patents and designs

- Preparation of opinions, analyzes and recommendations, as well as settlement of disputes in this area

- Advising, negotiating and representing in negotiations concerning copyright

- Preparation, amendment, termination, execution and non-execution of contracts for creation and / or use of intellectual property objects, contract for assignment of copyright to a work of legal entities and individuals

- Contracts for settlement of copyrights and other rights between assignors and developers of copyrighted works, as well as production contracts

- Assistance in planning and negotiations for concluding license agreements, agreements for transfer of rights on objects of industrial property, etc.

- Research, consultation and verification of the legality of unfair competition

- Representation and assistance in negotiations with providers and users of protected content, for example on transactions for the purchase and sale of film, music and software content, independent studios, as well as with large users of content such as television broadcasters and telecoms

- Representation before the competent state bodies, the organizations for collective management of copyrights, etc. (Consumer Protection Commission, Competition Commission)

- Representation before the Ministry of Culture and the Organizations for Collective Management of Rights

- Procedural representation in litigation regarding copyright infringement and trade secrets, unfair competition, conflicts between company names and the like; procedural representation before the Patent Office, administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court