Protection of personal data

Yordanov & Yotova Law Firm provides professional legal advice, opinions, procedural and legal representation on all issues related to personal data protection.


- Among the services offered in connection with the protection of personal data are:

- Implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the work of clients: advising on the preparation for implementation and compliance with the Regulation, development of a personal data protection policy, assessment of the need to appoint a personal data protection officer , as well as preparation of complete documentation for fulfillment of the requirements and keeping records according to the General Regulation for Personal Data Protection (GDPR)

- Conducting trainings on design, personalized according to the needs of the Client.

- Performance of the function "Data Protection Officer".

- Comprehensive legal analysis of the main processes of personal data processing at the Client, the related procedures and documents. Formulation of conclusions for legality of the processes and documents and recommendations for their design / revision in accordance with the requirements.

- Preparation or amendment of documents in compliance with the requirements for personal data protection, including: amendments to contracts, general conditions, forms and procedures; internal rules, security and privacy policies; consents for personal data processing; register of personal data processing activities; register of violations and notification procedure for exchange of information with the control body in case of registered data breach events; procedures for introducing the role of a data protection officer - powers, responsibilities, interaction.

- Legal assistance in introducing the necessary measures, including in conducting an impact assessment on the protection of personal data.