We, from the law firm "Yordanov and Yotova" provide qualified and professional legal assistance and legal services in all matters related to energy, as well as successfully sue for written bills against energy distribution companies. Some of the services we offer in the field are related to:


- Any regulatory issues and ensuring full compliance with regulatory requirements and the regulatory framework

- Acquisition of licenses for electricity trading

- Legal analysis and consultation on all stages and parts of the design of renewable energy power plants, including wind, photovoltaic and hydropower plants, consultation on all issues related to feed-in tariffs

- Acquisition of energy sites, power plants and projects: preparation of analysis of the state of the project (due diligence), negotiations, preparation of drafts of sales contracts (on the part of the buyer or on the part of the seller) and preparation of all other documents on the transfer

- Conducting negotiations and drafting contracts for the construction of power plants and contracts for operation and maintenance; contract for connection to the electricity transmission network; contracts for the purchase of electricity

- Problems related to relocation or purchase of energy facilities; payment of compensation for their use by energy companies

- Preparation of all documentation for financing the construction of energy sites and power plants

- Appeal of administrative acts before the competent administrative bodies and courts